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Testimonials from some of my many clients!

Deb, you are worth your weight in gold.


Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others. -Marianne Williamson . I am not sure who Marianne Williamson is – but this is how you should feel helping me and others as you do!!


With Deb’s help, Nate & I managed to transform our home office from “make sure this door is closed when company comes” to “wow”!

In addition to her calming presence, Deb also had some good, pragmatic suggestions along the way, as well as a amazingly sarcasm-free way of asking, “do you think you’ll be needing this or can we donate it?” while picking up the fourth, yes, I said fourth, 3-hole punch from one of my drawers.

If you know anyone that would benefit from a little nudge to tackle their office, basement, attic, closets, etc., I would definitely recommend Deb’s services!


We had only two weeks notice to move into a senior citizens two bedroom apartment. We had crammed closets, crammed chests, and boxes crammed with family records, work mementos, pictures, etc., and a computer desk covered with records. Deb stepped in and condensed and organized this mess. Most of my office and computer boxes are gone or arranged logically.


Deb helped me clear out and organize my closet about a year ago. It was filled with suits I hadn’t worn for four years and lots of stuff I really needed to get rid of. Deb was GREAT!! She asked lots of questions which helped me to part with some old worn out favorites and then help to organize everything. My closet was paradise after her visit. I would recommend her highly!! Having her “declutter” was time and money well spent.


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